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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Point Four

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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Point Four


Are you ready to take the challenge of a great Puzzle game?
It is a fun, challenging and totally original puzzle game.
Comprising one hundred unique levels, ranging from novice to master.
Perfect for players of all abilities and ages.

To complete each puzzle, simply swipe four ‘point’ blocks into the central ‘cross’ block in the fastest time possible.
One swipe of a block will slide it across the board.
Aiding you are the sliding moveable blocks, which help manoeuvre your point blocks around the board.

 Your Points are awarded for speed!
Or simply play the levels at your own pace.
Because there is any number of potential solutions to each level, Point Four has enormous replay value.
Promising each player many hours of puzzling enjoyment.

Point Four’s simple style of gameplay means that anyone can join in,and has Game Centre compatibility.

Feature Highlights:
* A great, original puzzler with a simple premise, simple rules, and huge challenges
* Single player puzzle/strategy game played on a chessboard
* Score points in timer mode, or unlock levels by solving each puzzle without a timer
* Unlimited "undo moves"
* Apple, Game Centre, Leader Board
* Ideal for players of all abilities

Have fun and enjoy the game.'

For support or help on any of the Levels contact us :

Introduction to Point Four